Friday, March 07, 2003

Well, nothing like being evacuated from your school campus to make you solidfy your plans to leave town for the weekend. No idea why we were evacuated. I don't imagine I'll find out either as that's what happened back in december when there was a hostage situation on my street. Never found out a lick of what went on. So, I didn't get to measure the guy I needed to measure for the show I'm working on as the whole school was standing out on the sidewalk. I just went home. Why hang around. :P

So I'm playing my radio show to drown out the perpetually crying baby next door. I hate the noise.

Blah. Not in a bad mood, but wonky. Tired and in need of a break. Want desperately to just work on stuff and be left alone. Either that or sleep. Going back to the former home this weekend to take care of wedding stuff and hopefully get something accomplished for the show thrift-wise also. Still have to pack. Going back there isn't what it used to be....but i hope it will be somewhat of a good change in pace.

Glad to not be at work right now. All this stupid prospective student interviewing is grating on me. I'm still putting 5 on my time card dammit. I tried working. heh.

I need to post my little RIB review now that the street date has been announced. Perhaps I best be doing that.

now listening to: Fictional - Blue Lights


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