Thursday, January 22, 2004

word for today: groin.

excuse me, but is that a groin under your chair?

please sir, can i have some more groin?

my, but it looks like it could groin any minute.

I seem to have some groin on my shoe.

The reception is fuzzy again, better adjust the groin.

Would you like some groin with that?

Yes, maam? You called about the groin?

Dammit! My groin is out of order. That's the third time this week!

And if you order now, we'll send you this space age groin, free of charge. You can keep the sharpening stone if you decide not to keep it!

I don't feel like cooking tonight. Let's order out for groin.

Give me the groin Frodo, I'll carry it for you.




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