Thursday, July 22, 2004

Wow, people are incredible stupid, and often hateful  sometimes.

(Mike, this is partially your fault for sending me all those ridiculous links. ;)  )

There's nothing that turns my stomach or makes me want to move to a remote PLANET void of people than some of the weird stuff that gets passed off as a religion or form of spirituality.
Somebody else on blogspot has a very interesting Unusual Churches blog....which has no particular bias as to the insanity. Visiting some of the sites however, makes me wish that God is sharpening his lightning bolt for some people, cuz whether i judge them or not, they relaly seem to deserve a good jolt in the head.

Now, there's actually some sites that on there, that although they can still be deemed as a "cult", have somthing decent to say. So before I tyrade on about one site that particularly perturbs me, let's discuss The Church of Buddy Christ.

Well, Let's face it, no one should be really be basing a church around a movie prop, even if the movie was making some points here and there (cuz, well, that's just a little off). But, I must say that there are many statements made in the Personal Creed by Bishop Pat Buckley that make sense and are things that I actually believe already. There's nothing hateful here that I can find, and that's something that in this day and age is in short supply.

Nonethless, I am not going to run out and join this church because, really...I don't believe you NEED a specific PLACE to go to, unless it does help you attune better.
Plus, in the case of this would just be...weird. Message good, cult bad.

Now, for the opposite end.

You know how there's these self righteous Christians who say we're all going to hell because we dance, wear clothes, breathe air, and aren't in their direct gene pool? The kind who give Christianity a bad name? Yes...THEM.

Well, here's a great example of that kind of "Christian", and a wonderful reason to not stop anywhere in Arkansas on the way to new Orleans.

Take the "True Christian Church of Christ".
That's like calling it "Friendly Auto Service" and then staffing it with some wrench wielding assholes who deliberately inconvenience you and cost you more money.

The site - and it's so over the top that it's hard to figure out of this thing is real at first - is SO hateful, and is exactly the reason why I have such trouble with humanity these days. The word militant comes to mind, and we're not talking Islam. We're talking about a guy who believes that everyone but a select few, including his family and some other people he likes, are goin to heaven. Everyone else, fuck you. You're some form of satan.

It's like a train wreck. it's horrible and mangled, but you want to see just how bad bad can be.
And it's really, really bad.

Apparently, the bible is to be interpreted word for word in context because any other interpretation is blasphemy and you're going to hell.

Well, apparently this guy has forgotten that the word of God was written by MEN, who are falliable, and it was also written by MEN who lived at least a THOUSAND YEARS AGO. The world is bigger than a nation of jewish shepherds, and let's face it, there are certain portions that do not apply to our civilization as it now exists.

(this dovetails nicely into a previous discussion with Mike about Islamic miltants taking the Koran word for word to justify their actions. Again, outdated, and a bad idea)

This guy also thinks that God, is not love (bible quotes), that we have no free will (bible quotes), the earth is flat (bible quotes), women are unclean (blah blah blah) and never mind about loving your neighbor, because if they're not "Christian", they're a demon.

And when asked "Is this church a cult?" he gives the dictionary definition, and follows up by saying that Christianity is a cult, because it is a religion. Never mind that he's thinking that HIS church IS Christianity....

Oh! and did I mention there's a gift shop???? Why don't all church sites have a SHOPPING link??!! Of course! Nothing says church like a $94 white T shirt (breastplate of righteousness) with tiny pictures on the front and GOD on the back. or how about $50 for a journal that you could make yourself at KINKO's?

Oh, and here's a quote from the page....once again, so over the top that I'm having trouble trying to believe this thing is real: (put down the drink, it's going to come out your nose)
"We offer some of the lowest price Christian goods. All the money received for each item is given to True Christian charities like Bush/Cheney 2004 to our very own Church, True Christian Church of Christ. As Christians, we do our best to keep prices low and not have any hidden costs. To ensure this, we give our gardeners Mondays at 4:00 PM off work to watch their cock fights."

I'm not fucking kidding.

Among SATANIC links (which are presented, but you are told not to actually go, are, and Christian links, we have lovable Jerry Fallwell, godhatesfags, ...and Fox news.

From the about them section:
A while back this site was removed off the internet since it was reported to being too "hateful". I never knew that in a great country like America that censorship was okay. There are many people who are against what we do here, and will do whatever they can to stop us. We are preachers of the gospel which many Liberals like to point us out to being "hateful".

Well, sir, that's because you ARE.
I didn't know that in a great country like America, bigoted pre civil war values, tunnel vision, ignorance and hate was ok either, but apparently it is.

I could go on about this guy, but I'd need some pepto.
I'm tyrading because this is just one of those people that you don't want to believe exists - yet the parodies are based on something.

The guy can't even defend himself past a high school level of NYAH NYAH, you're wrong. you're going to hell.

It's unbelievable the level of hate that even one person can generate, and that even the really sick ones still find followers. I cannot comprehend how a person believes such utter trash....

But all I can say is....Jesus still loves him. Which is fine because it takes the pressure off me having too. Argh.

Might I add that one of the graphics on a banner you can put on your website has a noose???!
God loves his children, especially when they are dangling from trees.

stab in head...stab in head...

That's enough. My eyes are swollen from the site of so much stupidity. If you want to see hatred in action, go here:

And if you need to cleanse your palate after that, visit the other weirdness here:



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