Friday, July 02, 2004

So after my jaunt on goth or not and talking with my friend Patrice, I began musing on the "Goth scene" and decided to do a rant about it on my webpage.

Mike comes home to find me sitting in the dark (well, blue christmas lights), typing on the computer for my webpage and he comments on how "goth" I am. I snicker and say "but you can't call me that, I'm ranting against it. I'm not goth."

"But you're sitting in the dark, typing out webpages, dressed like THAT."

yeah, ok. So i'm wearing a couple skull necklaces, a dark blue skirt and a blue/black metallic top with eyelets in it. :P
Sue me.

Taking myself seriously at all is a very dangerous thing.
Do not try it at home.


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