Friday, October 01, 2004

non motivated except for taking stupid personality tests. :P I will continue new orleans trip later...

Feale, the Tilirreh of Black - Your Tilirr Quiz Result

Which of the Lords of Rainbow do you serve?

Well, it figures. I'm not really sure I agree though.

Colorgenics tests are fun, though once again, the results are ify.

Your Mood: You feel quite determined at the moment or as others might say stubborn! You feel resolute and want things done your way. You want to exert your will and are prepared to put in the necessary energy.Focus and determined describes your present mood. You are out to achieve your goal and you concentrate on that. Unwavering you want to stick to the target of your ambitions, not completely to the exclusion of everything else, but almost!
Your Present Situation: You really need to take time out at the moment, your life is proving tiring and you seem to need to be on the lookout at all times. There is a real danger of wasting your energy, seek out someone who can help you to calm down and relax. You could do worse than take a romantic weekend break to help you revitalize yourself.You’re afraid…afraid to reveal yourself to others. This fear is resulting in others assuming you are aloof and withdrawn. But deep down you crave the comfort of close friends though you don’t seem to know how to overcome your obstacles. You are prepared to make changes but need the proper tools.
Your Conflicts: You have no conflicts at the present time

What kind of God are you:
A: Mystic Buddha
You would make an excellent New-Age god, the sort of entity that becomes ever more difficult to understand the more you learn about it. You are attuned to the cosmos in such a way that the mystical and religious are one in the same. The universe is God, and you are the universe.

The SpyglassOften concerned with right and wrong, and punctilious in expressing it, the Spyglass is best represented by the Customs Agent or the IRS inspector. This personality believes above all in the smooth and ordered flow of life. Initially seen by others as cold or uncaring, this personality is difficult for those more spontaneous members of society to understand. They appreciate plans and the best plan is one that has been used many times before.
Similarly, this personality is extremely stable, responsible and dependable. They manifest an amazing ability to concentrate on the issue at hand, and are difficult to distract from issues that are important. They tend to be excellent and devoted employees and are often detail-oriented workhorses.

I originally got the Tower, which didn't seem to fit, and neither does this one.

Also, If I was from a country, it would be France. ??! I didn't think I was rude enough.


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