Thursday, March 13, 2003

Netscape blows a truckload of goats. It won't download anything. I can't even escvape its clutches to download internet explorer again. Stupid piece of crap. Why is it that when they try to make it more user friendly it just gets more annoying? And what's this shit about "Netscape has unexpectedly quit"? The fact that the thing chokes and shuts down is in no way unexpected. Perhaps I wil unexpectedly be wielding an ax the next time netscape makes a social faux pax.

I've had a week from hell so far. But I've been dressing nice. All week at work we have these stupid prospective student interviews which require me to be nice and friendly while I have been forced to copy my weight in paperwork on copiers that quit more expectedly than netscape does. Slap some instructors and other people coming in to distract me, intermix that with classes and then add on the time I spend in the costume room looking for victorian looking western stuff. Stir violently. The recipe for psychosis. So I've had some late nights and I somehow totally forgot about a meeting for another show last night (Thank god no one is going to have my head for that). Then there's this whole wedding planning crap, and basically I haven't had much time to really rest.

My problem is, I'm not good at resting. So, last night I had some help from my good friend chartreuse. Three shots of that, some greasy pizza and Evil Dead, and I was feeling much better.

Tonight I'll probably need some Bailey's as I not only have to put up with interviews, but the grad lunch. I get free food out of it every week, but today I'll be getting a side of agravation.
The madness is already beginning. God help anyone who gets in my way today.

now playing....the sound of a chainsaw


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