Wednesday, March 28, 2007

If I'm posting in here, it's because I'm pissed off, that's a given.

That said, I've just spent the last month as a biological weapon. Having caught a case of the stomach bug going around - albeit mild compared to most people's experience- I have spent the last few weeks annoyed, frustrated and anguished. I never yaked. Thank goodness, I hate the feeling. I took to eating vegan for some time and swallowed just about every homepathic device that ever walked the face of the planet. There were many days that i felt almost fine - which was the problem as this bug is sticky and as soon as i thought it might be gone, it wasn't. I caught the thing near the end of my....monthly visitor. This is usually when i catch something. more than anything else, i noticed that exercise was the most effective weapon against it, so I started exercising viciously and taking walks outside as the weather had finally turned.

After a brief out of town trip, Mike caught a wonderful head cold that had been floating around his office. (My bug never got to him, thank goodness). However, he was miserable, dizzy, and was awake for not more than six hours on the day it finally got him. So I made him drink lots of tea and fed him everything healthy and lacking in dairy I possibly could.

His condition was odd as his eyes kept watering - something i associate with allergies, not a cold. So, this past saturday, in the frenzy of finally getting our crap together and marching up to the post office to get our passports done, he was leaking from every orafice (just about) as we were stuck there for almost three hours in a completely disorganized mess that was the application process. There was no line - we had to get a number from someone and we only found that out by asking someone else next to us. Mike had to go in another line to pay the fees. We were number 29 - we had gotten there before 11. the hours were 10am - 2pm. We were lukcy we got there when we did because they ran out of numbers not long after us.

There was no where to sit until they brought out more chairs about an hour after we were there, and the post office was packed with people in general. At our arrival, there were several people processing applications, but somewhere along the way most of them disappeared, leaving one person for the last hour or so. This, still with a lobby full of people, and Mike being very sick and hungry.Someone else finally came to help the closer it got to 2.

We had to recopy our forms entirely once we got there because we had made some mistakes and you can't cross things out.

unlike many people who came to apply however, we were prepared and had all our pictures, forms, etc., so it didn't take long once we got to the table.

The day was shot after that.

I got plenty of exercise the next day- Mike having to go into work on sunday and I too a brisk walk around the nearby trails. The weather had gotten obscenely warm and it was beautiful out.
By sometime around 4 in the morning however, I was sick with Mike's cold bug.

I hardly slept, was dizzy, and was lucky I could focus at work the next day. Did I mention that the monthly visitor was hassling me again?

More tea, more liquids, more supplements, whatever exercise I could tolerate and as much sleep as possible (even though I've been having trouble getting to sleep)

Have i mentioned that my tongue has been turning purple and/or brown because of all the juice, tea, and supplements I've been taking?

Today my head is clearer, I still don't feel right, but I'm less stuffy and coughing up whatever is left. I hope to have this kicked in the next day or so. Mike seems better now.

I'm so angry about this whole mess that I don't even know where to begin. Do i blame the weather? Do I blame the people who don't know how to take a sick day and go to work sick and then spread it to everyone else? Do i get angry because i'm female and I get hit with crap whenever my system is weakened?

I've done everything I could possibly have done to take care of myself. This is ridiculous.


Blogger sterno said...

I've noticed that since I've been working out routinely that I haven't been getting sick as often. Insert knock on wood here, but I don't recall having had a single cold this winter. It's not like I didn't have opportunities either because Heather caught a couple and there were a few winners going around our office.

1:44 PM  

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