Friday, August 23, 2002

i cracked my head on th door of the fridge. i am currently holding an ice laden wash cloth on my head with my other hand. This is not how i wanted to start my evening. So, I'm cranky now of course...but i still intend to go dancing this evening and do some serious stomping.

I'm glad I found a decent club in this town for the time being. I had a good time at Exit last week. It's seedy...and designed to be that way...but such a place has a lot of charm. The dancefloor is fenced off and there's scuffs and industrial looking signs everywhere. The restroom doors are that kind of metal with the ridges on it; the women's room having a large nut on it, the men's room having a large bolt. Very cute.

The music was just what the doctor ordered...a good mix of old school industrial, electro, synthpop and a nice selection of newer stuff. I hope to have a good night again tonight...after all the crabbiness I've been exuding. :P I should quit typing and go keep this ice on my head. ow. :(


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