Monday, April 14, 2003

picture me smiling. smiling in a way that could peel paint.
it was my supervisor's last day at work today. i just found out. i'm not mad at him. it makes perfect sense that he's leaving when we are both being run ragged by a micromanaging putz.

so, naturally, when the putz finds out, things are going to get even more annoying than they already are. And who is going to have to deal with it while working on 2 more shows this semester and trying to to kill people? me.

I am now in the begging stage of trying to push my way into the costume shop to get a work aid position.

granted, that won't do much good until fall. I still have the other half of this semester to get through. But getting out of here would be nice. It's not like I haven't been wishing I didn't have to come here. Now I have all the more reason.

It's been nice getting to occasionally check my email and play on the computer, and working elsewhere would give me a paycut, but sanity has no price. And my supply is looking thin.


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