Thursday, June 12, 2003

Ahhh... accomplishment. After 2 long days of electronic struggle my radio show has returned to the air! I was trying to make up for lost time by putting up 8 hours of music and craziness....pant pant pant. I'm beginning to see the insanity of my wayward web ways....with a total of something like 8 websites, 9, no....too damn many, and radio show on top of it, who the hell knows how I get anything done. I see have mucho updating to do, but now that Slick Idiot, Razed In Black,and my cemetery photos have been updated, I feel somewhat better.

Never mind that I've been promising a shitload of music reviews that i have yet to deliver, aside from the one I wrote for RIB's new album yesterday FROM OUT OF NOWHERE......
and god knows what else needs updating. This is my punishment for excessive creativity. :P

Since school has ended and I have some time to take care of things, I have significantly improved my living conditions by actually washing things. Like my dishes. Science experiments are best kept in the labs, folks.

Now I just have to catch up with the bedroom mess since I have thwarted the demons of the kitchen and bathroom. And yay, ye little balls of dust, I shall smite thee with my most holy broom. Taste the righteousness of lysol and quiver in redemption!!!

So, yeah, I can see the floor now.

So, there's the wedding planning I need to get to...need to answer some emails and design some invites. And finish my damn dress, which is so close to being done it's sick, but I need to set it aside for a bit yet until I can tolerate sewing again.

Getting back on my exercise program, and boy are my legs sore...but I won't have too much work to reclaim my abs or arms, thank god.

Next item will be to purchase food to fill our empty fridge. yar.


Oh, and for the second time in my life I took one of those Myers Briggs/Jung personality tests. Apparently I'm either an INFJ of INFP...I think when I took the real thing on paper I was INFJ, and I took one online that said the same, but I like to confirm this sort of thing from various sources, and I love online tests, so I took 2 more and I came out as INFP. Both those types are rare from what I've heard.

So, now I must attempt to rejoin humanity again and speak to people I have no contacted because I've been so damn best I be doing that.....

oh, and wouldn't you just know that as soon as I get nearing the finish line here, my computer decides to kick me off!!!!! ARGHH!!!

now growling to: Psychopomps/Infection


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