Saturday, July 23, 2005

Here's an exercise in futility for you to try.
Have inherent artistic skills and be not only good at learning new skills but also be good good at lteaching yourself. Be talented and have people tell you so. You can even be good at various artistic based skills such as graphic design, digital photography and photo editing as well as the typical drawing/painting/sewing/papermaking/fashion/costume design. Have a wonderful portfolio that it's taken you years to polish.

Now, go find a job that will pay you for these skills and talents. Remember, you have two very expensive pieces of paper in your possession that you need to finance for the rest of your existence. Never mind that you're overeducated. It doesn't matter just as long as you pay them off.

Find one? A Miracle! Oh, wait, it makes you crazy and angry? about this. Go find a part time job that won't make you crazy so you can have time to work on your "art" and maybe someone will still pay you for it. You've accumulated some talents that can help. You can file, answer phones, smile when neccessary, answer customers questions. no big deal.

Find one? Having trouble? Not a surprise. Didn't I say that you were overeducated? Well, nt so much that it's a completely bad thing, just that most part time jobs think you've got too much expensive college in the wrong places.

Perhaps you should just consider scrapping your evenings and weekends/social life to widen your search. You really don't need all those friends and your significant other mucking things up, now do you?

Oh no, another problem? They all want experience? Well, I thought you had some. No? They aren't even willing to try you? Well, that's just a shame now isn't it.

Oh, what, more trouble? Their fax machine doesn't work and you can only apply during very limited times or when you're already at work?

Wow, sucks to be you.

Maybe you do need to think about picking up that penny cup and reserving a street corner before you get shoehorned out of a career as a panhandler.

There there, It's ok. You have enough money for alcohol, right?

More bile come cheerfully your way very soon!


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