Sunday, August 28, 2005

My city is going to be drowned. :(

Yes I know I live in Chicago, that's not the point.
New orleans is my adopted city.

So, after hearing the sucky news this morning about the storm, I decided that going to have brunch at Pappadeaux and getting myself a hurricane would be fitting.

Perhaps if we all drank some more hurricanes, the winds would slow.

So I'm wearing my Lafitte's shirt, and will likely be making cajun food for the rest of the week as a sign of mourning.

Yes, I still want to move there. Despite this kind of thing - which doesn't happen all that often.
I'd like to actually be there for a while before the city officially sinks in about 100 years (i'm planning on being dead by then anyway), but it wasn't supposed to happen this soon.
Really, the fact that the city is even there can be blamed on the french. The indians knew better than to build a settlement there. the French were too stuborn not to.

There will be lots of drinking this evening, that's all I can say.



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