Thursday, July 28, 2005

Every day I push the rock up the hill.
By the next day it's rolled back down again.

Why is America called the land of opportunity? How does one find these said opportunities? Not that I don't see a billion out there, but when 85% of them are not opportunities you can take advantage of, and the other portion require experience which cannot be gained other than by already having one of these opportunities, does not a fork start looking like a fun object to stick in your head?

A long time ago, people grew up in families where jobs were passed down, or people were apprentices to learn a trade. Someone who was a fishmonger didn't become a blacksmith normally - no real room to move. You stuck to what you knew or learned early on what your skills were and then you found some kind of apprenticeship. Kinda limiting in a lot of ways, but secure. There wasn't a medieval employment section in the paper. Especially before they invented paper.

So time has gone on, and supposedly now it's easier with education and instant access to all these wonderful things like phones and internet to move around and go beyond the station you were born in in this world. Right?

Not really. When everyone is moving so fast and churning out more products to more people, no one has time to train anymore. they want someone to come in who knew what the place was doing YESTERDAY. Businesses move so quickly that they even neglect their employees that they do have, and they wind up with lots of turnover.

People forget that there are some of us that are capable of learning, that we enjoy learning new things and would like the opportunity to gain new skills for situations such as this. But who is willing to give us a chance?

Just because my resume doesn't spell out in big purple letters I'M THE PERFECT EMPLOYEE I KNOW WHAT TO DO BECAUSE I AM PSYCHIS AND I KNOW ALL YOUR COMPUTER PROGRAMS, doesn't mean that I'm a dimwit who pushes the delete key when I go to save a file.

I find that putting qualities like "self starter" (which, consequently, makes me sounds like an oven) or "good communication skills" on a resume is like going to the "FRIENDLY BAR AND GRILL" (tm), where the service is surly enough to spoil the food.

Oh, and I hate my commute. hate it. Hate it hate it.
If it was alive, I'd kill it.
Then I'd eat it.
Then I'd throw up because it makes me rather sick.
It's like salmonella on wheels.




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