Thursday, February 02, 2006

"Let's face it, america gets the celebrities it deserves" - KMFDM

After going to school with a bunch of noisy, annoying, smelly actors, is it any wonder why theatre has little pull for me and that I think that much less of hollywoods pantheon of plastic gods and goddesses?

I tire of the celebrity machine. Much like any other factory, you put in a vaguely useless lump of material with no personality or discernable intelligence, throw a few levers, and out pops a glorified widget covered in sparkly pink plastic. it has no real use, mind you, not a bit more than it did at its start, but the advertising campaign that will follow it will make you think that you can't possibly live without it.

I don't watch much tv. I do see some movies, but I'm terribly picky and find most movies to be dumbed down past the intelligence level of protists. Whose fault is it? The wallets in Hollywood. They manufacture all the special flavors of stardom and send out their sharpest rustiest hellraiser hooks to get the attention necessary to maintain their walletness.

oh, and the media. Fuck them too.

I just get reeeeal tired of getting celebrities shoved at me from every corner. I was irked by having to watch these frequent and inane commercials for the SAG awards, as if celebrities needed another reason to pat themselves on the back, schmooze, and be seen in the latest (fill in trendy fashion designer's name here)clothing.

I'd rather eat cotton balls.

I don't care if whats her face's relationship is failing miserably, I don't care who had a lyposuction disaster or who is secretly dating. I don't need to know Jennifer Anniston's 843 makeup secrets or how to do my hair like a star.

Hollywood is little more than a marketing scheme disguised as a movie studio. Actors are products and everything they wear, eat and shit on is for sale in the gift shop at the end of the ride. I've watched as movie plots have taken that circular path down the pipes of creativity and noticed with horror at how reporting about "entertainers" has become the focus instead. Not that there's a decent plot there either.

I just love the way these "reality" shows are set up with celebrities in polar bears in a zoo are put in a fake "natural environment." As if we're seeing into the secret lives of these dysfunctional people whose living it is to behave as anyone but themselves.

The worst part is just how much of the public eats this shit up with a big pink spoon. People spend too much time ogling celebrities, following everything they do and what they wear instead of living their own damn lives.
Why the fuck would you want to idolize someone who isn't themself for most of the time? Someone who is a clothes hanger, a mannequin? A marketing ploy designed exclusively to make money for someone who doesn't deserve it?

Bah. I'm wasting good web space on this trash. I'm going to go eat my burrito.


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