Sunday, August 25, 2002

There's this phenomenon that I like to call the invisible cheesecake. It goes like this. You're hungry. You look in the fridge for something tasty to eat...hoping secretly that maybe there's a piece of cheesecake or something that you've forgotten was in there, and it will be a nice surprise when you find it. Bt all you have in there is pickles and salami and something in tupperware that you are forgetting about on purpose. The cheesecake is non existant. And, while part of you brain knows this, you feel restless and you continue to check the fridge to see if maybe, just maybe, you missed that cheesecake and it's just hiding behind something. But it's not. And yet, you continue to torture yourself and look for the elusive mirage of cheesecake that never was.

While I haven't had this experience with food lately, I have it in other ways. That almost certainty that something is going to happen, come your way, etc. but you're really just fooling yourself. Similar to checking the mailbox in thinking that maybe one of your friends has sent you some kind of cool surprise package, but all you get are bills and those damn aol CDs. The CDs work great as coasters at least. And they are fun to zap in the microwave for a couple seconds.

Sigh. I guess i just wouldn't be me if I couldn't torture myself in some ridiculous manner.

Went to a pretty cool little garage sale yesterday. Punk kids going to school makes for interesting cast off items. While I am not normally one for spiky collars, I picked up a silver glittery spiked collar for $7. I also picked up a working blacklight for $5. Last night I proceeded to test it out by running back and forth and putting anything and everything that had the capacity to glow in front of it. I also picked up a cute blue ring, a dragonfly barrette and a glow in the dark lightswitch plate. Freaks need to have garage sales more often. How many of us really wear/use all the stuff we have? How much more cool would it be if you could cheaply get a hold of neat stuff without having to pay full price for it? Granted, on the internet there's places like the Velvet Garden where you can actually browse through preworn dresses and accessories that people are selling. Problem with that is, you can never be sure that the stuff fits.

I have some friends who do a swap every so often...a bunch of them get together stuff they just aren't wearing, put it all in a pile in the middle of the floor, and then they pick through each other's stuff to see if there's anything they want. What doesn't get taken gets donated. I have also seen postings on some lists about large goth garage sales...but not as often as I'd expect. Goths are clothes hungry people. While many of us are poor, there's some out there who actually go all out to buy new dresses and boots and vinyl stuff...and then they don't wear a lot of it.

A cool idea I just thought of...although I'm not sure it could ever really fly, is a freaky resale shop. Imagine if there was a shop that goths, rivetheads, punks, and club kids could shop at, but everything there was previously owned and donated. If you had some good stitchers on staff, they could rehab some crummier stuff, or even alter something to make it different. Perhaps even sell their own custom stuff along the way. Gothic goodwill. Heh. I'd like to try that.


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