Monday, June 30, 2003

Rant #1 - I don't feel like retyping my whole rant on cell phones and corporate policies, but let me just say this:
a phone that was purchased 2 years ago should not be considered obsolete. I hate this whole plan for technology to come out with a product that becomes useless in a predetermined span of time, forcing one to then go out and buy something to replace it instead of being able to get it fixed or re-using it.

This kind of occurence happens with clothing every season of the year. it's called a fad, or a trend. Trends are basically plyos by designers to get people to believe that they need to own "this season's look" and that your current pair of ...whatever you're wearing is SOOOOO YESTERDAY. It's a plan to sell people shit that they really don't need.

Technology is no different. in fact, it's taking the same damn pattern. but a brand spanking new computer, and as soon as you do, the thing is obsolete.

I'm ranting about this because I had a cell phone, and I let my pre-pay minutes run out because i use it for convience and emergency, not because I need to talk really loud on the train, or attach an electronic leash to myself so people can get a hold of me when I'm on the toilet.

I wanted to reinstate the phone so Mike can use it as an alternate phone to call employers and help himself get a new job. Although at first I was told it would work, after severla managers and other phone calls, the salesman said my phone could not be reinstated with the pay as you go plan. I would have to purchase a $100 phone in order to even get that plan.

To which I said, NO. I already have a phone. I'm not dropping that kind of money on something I barely use. My original phone didn't cost anywhere NEAR that much. wasn't so much the fact that they COULDN'T reinstate my plan on my phone, (my phone was in the system) it was that they wouldn't because someone in corporate made the decision that my phone was obsolete, and that they'd reather have more revenue by getting me to buy a new phone, or, since my credit was SO GOOD, that I should sign a contract.

Just because chocolate is good doesn't mean I bathe in it and inject it into my veins. Likewise, I had no desire to waste more money I didn't have on a phone plan that was not conducive to my way of life. Screw you US Cellular and your promises of customer service.


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