Monday, June 30, 2003

Rant 2.0


I should be more excited about my wedding. Sometimes I am, don't get me wrong, but I really get aggravated by all the planning. We've been dragging our feet when we weren't busy, and now we're really behind. Granted, we're getting stuff done, I just can't stand the work.
There is something to be said for a ceremony, but part of me could really care less beyond that. I know I will enjoy getting to see lots of friends from out of town at the reception, but it's hard to enjoy that thought at the moment. I just don't like all the expectations and pressure.

Getting married should be a lot simpler, really. It's gotten to be such an overblown, out of proportion...mess.

Toss most of the traditions. No brides have dowries these days, and most of the traditions cost more than the average person can ever hope to deal with and not drown in debt. As i am already drowning in debt, I want one less thing to worry about paying for. Also, a lot of the traditions that i'm throwing away are also meaningless/ or superstitions. I don't see the point of a garter and I'm sure as hell not letting anyone try to crawl under my two layers of heavy skirts to get it, as they will liekly never come back.

I could give a shit about the idea of a bachelorette party. I don't go for naked greasy men that i don't know, or even that I do know. And it's not like you need to do much to get me drunk other. Looking at a pint of guinness across the room does that just fine.

bridesmaid dresses. peh. the idea of making people buy them and match each other, all whilst looking like a bunch of discombobulated prom poodles with ass tumors suspiciously shaped like bows is inane. the idea of birdesmaid dresses half the time is to make the maids look BAD, thusly, making the bride look better.

receptions can be fun. unless you know you're paying for them. I'm sure it will be fun, after I look at that pint of guinness across the room, but only after that will I look at the bill.

honeymoons. that's where the real fun starts. you leave the wedding, forget about the extravagant money you spent on one night of your life, and take it easy for week with your new mate. maybe you even leave the hotel room to go eat.well, we'll be in new orleans. to not eat there is some kind of sin I think.

basically, the moral of wedding planning is...I need a damn vacation. I work hard, and work hard and work hard and design shows and go to school and clean things and make dinner, then I do tons of wedding stuff....I'm tired NOW. I want my vacation. That's really what it boils down to.

I never much liked going to wedding when I was younger, not that I went to many. It was just.....I don't know. A lot of hoopla for an event that didn't seem to inspire anything in me. I never had dreams about a storybook wedding or a dress 20 miles long or a limo.....

I just knew I wanted to get married someday, and that was happy enough with that. I'd still be perfectly happy eloping or having a tiny ceremony and no party afterwards, to be frank, but having a wedding is my compromise with my mate. It's more for him than for me, although I am sure there are parts of it that i will find meaningful.

You know, it really blows being a non traditional person sometimes. Not that I can help it a whole lot.
I do what I can. I'm doing my best to cope with the frustration and the expectations and all the work....

but I'll be damn happy when it's over.

just send me to new orleans already.


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