Sunday, September 28, 2003

I have survived the first week of school, despite the attempts of the financial aid office to make me homicidal. things are fun so far, work is pretty fun, with the distinct possibility of some extra cash if I get a job at fantasy headquarters. Anywhere that I can wear my hair extensions and stripey tights without offending other poor defenseless humans who may perhaps be blinded by my uncanny fashion ability.

Or something.

Recovering well from last night's post wedding party/reception. I've never done so much cooking in my life...bread pudding (damn, was that stuff good), homemade salsa, gumbo, sangria, amaretto brownies, and lots of other treats. I should be in diabetic shock right now. Plus, people brought some extra alcohol and cookies and hummus and stuff, so it was a feeding extravaganza. I think everyone had a pretty good time, even though I had a few friends who didn't know most of the others. I try to be a good hostess and play with everyone as my level of intoxication allows.

I had a a good time. Granted, maybe next party I won't cook so much, because everyone likes to hang out in the kitchen around the food, and our place is only so big. But, I just had to make chocolate fondue and use my other fun kitchen toys.

Also played the wedding soundtrack on the computer. My the end of the night...sometime around 3:30 in the morning, the party finally broke up, but not before Bill intorduced us to badgers badgers badgers mushroom mushroom snaaAAaaake.
The whole frickin site is hilarious. Brits with too much time on their hands and Flash software. And the suppa kitty bash is wonderful too, as well as super suicidal puppy.

How Mike and Steve managed to sleep through our laughter is beyond me. And the amount of plush they both accumulated while trying to sleep was fairly impressive.
Shawn was the first one to come, and the last one to leave, and he helped me pry Mike off the couch so we could sleep properly in our vaguley bed shaped squishy area.

So, now I have extra cookies to take to work tomorrow, and extra chocolate left over from fonduing which will probably be converted to chocolate covered pretzels.

I think the main reason I am awake was the excessive amount of powdered sugar on the beignet I made this morning in the cute little deep fryer. twitch.

but that's ok. I'll have my share of vegetables when I eat about a pound of fresh salsa later.

So, I'm tired...i think i have some homework to do. I may ranch some monsters later. Maybe get a nap. yar.


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