Thursday, September 18, 2003

blah!!! Been having mornings waking up either blah or sad for no discernable reason. And this morning, although I have plenty of things I could be doing and a perfectly wonderful day to do them, I feel restless, bored and moody. :( Woke up an hour earlier than usual, was up for a bit, then went to relax and actually went back to sleep for a few minutes. Woke up in time to not be awakened by stupid telemarketing call.


eating crackers.

now what?

it's not like I don't have over half of the wedding website to put up, or a new radio show either. or more things to clean. or exercises to do.

I ask myself what I WANT to do...and my answer is something along the lines of...Duhhh-er?

How annoying.

There's nothing worse than being a creative person who is A. unmotivated, or B. undirected.

It's like being constipated.

I know I'm supposed to be resting and preparing for the oncoming school year, etc. and getting rest after the wedding, but......ehhhh.


so far i have no direction, and that just plain sucks.


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