Friday, September 12, 2003

Where is everyone? There's no one to play with. :( Mike is at work late, haven't gotten any phone calls, can't seem to get a hold of anyone and even the people who usually IM me when I'm not around (which are quite a few) aren't on. :(

Sigh. I already had a full day of putting back CDs, doing website things, cleaning, arranging, etc. I even COOKED for the first time in....
too fricking long.

Poo. Now I'm just getting melancholy and pining.
Send me back to New Orleans.

Arranging party for end of month. Need to find something that crushes a jackhammer. We are without a blender.

Pine pine pine.


how pathetic can I get? let's see.....
maybe I can find a good song to make me cry for no apparent reason. Or maybe I should just curl up with a friendly stuffed animal.

I'm sad enough that Horace, my balloon camel from new orleans is shrinking out of existence. :(

Yes, I'm attached to a balloon.




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