Friday, October 25, 2002

Friday has been uneventful, work wise, and that is to be expected. I've been listening to music, sketching...daydreaming and the like. Been in a fairly perky mood for a day so devoid of activity and grayed by the weather. Have lots of artistic endeavors to get on with/finish/start. Kinda wearing me out some...but I am getting stuff acccomplished. It's been really hard waking up the past few mornings.

I need to tackle the pile of clothing that needs fixing/creative altering. It's only getting bigger. I'm also trying to turn one of my black bodysuits into a shirt...the thing likes to slip off my shoulders so I'm futzing with the design...and I think I'm going to turn it into a Slick Idiot shirt from a sketch I did. Gotta make a skirt for my halloween costume still...shouldn't be hard but I need to sit down and just do it! Want to make another skirt for dancing as well....

Speaking of which...I need to get my sorry ass to Exit tonight so I can dance. VEE WANT YOO TOO DANZ WEETH UUS NOW, JA. Sorry. Channeling Das Ich again. Anyway...yeah. I need to dance.

currently feeling like a human cracker while listening to:
Wumpscut- Soylent Green (german lyrics)


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