Thursday, October 17, 2002

What's this? This odd feeling.....I feel...warm and cute puppies. My mouth is twitching at the corners, spasming and trying to bend itself into some kind of awkard upswept curve. Surely this is madness. Yes, madness. Why else would I be filled with the desire to be....cheer..fulllll. AGH.

I have a terminal case of happiness. I really think it's just PMS, and any second now I'll be wanting to crack someone over the head with a sawhorse and scream nonsense about laundry soap biproducts.

Why am I happy? Fuck if I know. Maybe it was that my production meeting actually went great and I have no real reason to be nervous. Laura really liked my designs. Maybe it's because I felt satisfied with my little monologue performance in acting class. It could be that I won't have to do dishes when I get home.'s probably all the fun new music software and mp3's I've been toying with all day at work. Or, more likely, it's the fact that this week is almost over and tomorrow is friday.

Nah. Why would any of that change my typical grumpyness. I know, it was those 2 large hunks of chocolate cake I had today. That was it. It must be PMS. So any second now, I'll get really pissed off about something stupid like potholders, or depressed about my lack of cheez curlz.

Anytime now.

Get ready to duck, all of you. Here comes the nuclear fueled poodle launcher.

Yep. Ready to kick some ass.

Any second.



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