Thursday, October 24, 2002

Well, yeehah. It's Thursday. My back hurts. The weather is shitty. I've had a cup of coffee, which is not really a good idea for me as caffeine responds to my system in much the same way as a rabid poodle to an unwary bare ankle. I'm ready to run around screaming at inanimate objects. In fact...I've already done a bit of that today.

Ow. pain. Oh look, I'm vibrating. Isn't that special. No one tells you that the cure for dealing with the effects of coffee is more coffee. It's like a vicious cycle. Yarrrr. Help. I really don't want to go to acting class. Even on caffeine I'm antisocial. I definitely will be by then, as I'll have crashed. Noisy freshmen. Argh. I guess i am getting old. No, no, I'm not getting old I'm just not outgoing the way the younger students are. Or the way most humans are. Blah. thoughts garbled. Feeling the inexplicable need to mosh.

Thank god this week is almost over. Ow. ow ow ow. :(
At least I slept last night. After a 13 hour day at school, who wouldn't. What sucks is I basically was wiped out and went to bed after I got home...then i have to wake up and come here again. It's like I haven't left. Ow. dammit. So uncomfortable.

The read through for the play I'm doing costumes for went well. It was fun and everyone seemed to like my sketches. Now, I need to start picking stuff out of the costume room, and other places if need be. It's nice to be working with a small cast of actors who are older and not all OHHHHH I LOOOVE ACTING. I am SOOOO PASSIONATE about ACTING. LALALALA I must be acting and singing constantly because I am an ACTOR.
They are an entirely different breed...the younger ones anyway. Hopefully they'll become somewhat embittered so they will quiet down some. :P

Too much coffee...I will be paying for my sins later...I can tell already.

Now convulsing to: Ministry - Burning Inside


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