Tuesday, October 15, 2002

There are too many little things going on to get myself stressed about. If it's not homework, it's dishes. If it's not dishes, it's laundry. If it's not laundry, it's shopping or 12 other things. I would rather be hiding under the covers today or alone at home doing computer stuff, or maybe finishing my corset.

The weekend was good...it's always hard to come down off of a good weekend. By the time you do, it's the weekend again. Mike and I spent hours at a massive music sale to raise money for Lou Gehrig's disease. I'm glad they don't have CD sales like that for other good causes, else I'd be very broke and they have to put together a big sale to fund my continued existence. Together, we spent almost $200 - and this was on CDs that were all $2...so that's a buttload of music.

We ravaged the boxes for anything good that was even vaguely familiar, and that we didn't already have. They was a lot of old wax trax stuff like Chris Connelly, Cyberaktif, Excessive Force, etc., as well as Download, Lycia, Cobalt 60, Luxt, Test Dept, Controlled Bleeding, My Scarlet Life, and on and on...everything looked like castoffs and extras from college radio stations, there being mostly promo copies and tons of singles. It was fun, but exhausting.

On top of that, I got a small DJ slot at my friend Nikki's book release party when Bill needed a break. Was kinda nervous cause I didn't hear about the offer till the last minute, and wasn't quite sure what to play right off, but I did have fun and apparently people enjoyed my set. sigh. I'm a closet DJ. I would love to do it more oftne for real, and get more practice. It's the best way I can think of these days to promote the music that I'm into.

Mike and I had a good anniversary. We watched movies all day and went out for dinner at Leona's.

Didn't sleep well though, so yesterday was an exercise in remaining conscious. Not fun. Today I'm just mopey and wanting to avoid people. Blah. However, I am enjoying the preview of all the "new" music....I have a CD case full of new discs I need to get acquainted with before they get filed away.

This month will be busy...party later on, costume design work, photos for friends, get togethers, homework, insanity, grocery shopping, wedding planning, internal combustion, flinging of waffles at passers-by, skulls, hairballs the size of cats....etc.

Help. oh yeah, and shopping for a frickin box spring so my back can stop hurting.


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