Thursday, October 03, 2002

Still feeling crappy, but cold getting better. My throat is less sore...but now i'm in the sniffling phase. It looks to be that I will be assuming the position as Costume Designer for a smaller play...I've got the script to look over. I should definitely take it, no matter that I have had no previous experience, and to get over the initial fear of being responsible for something creative. This is what I'm going to school for after all. A little confidence would help right about now.

We didn't get into the pre screening or Red Dragon at the school, we waited in line with tons of other people for at least a couple hours, but we were several people away from getting seats. Our lovely parting gifts were red cups, courtesy of Big Red, filled with gum, playing cards, and bottle openers, as well as black fuzzy dice from that Fast Lane show. The dice went prompty into my hair, just to be strange. it interesting evening. I just wish we had gotten to actually see the movie. we paid in time instead of money.

It's so dreary, and I slept like crap. No lucid dreams for me. I'm lucky I remember any...they were all so fragmented. I must have awakened during the night at least ten times or so. I am not in the mood to be here, nor am I in the mood to go to class. Blah.


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