Tuesday, October 08, 2002

After a vaguely uneventful weekend, things seem to be shaping up some. Reading the script for a small show I'll have a crack at designing costumes for...nervous about it though. Working on assembling my halloween costume, picked up some blue sparkly tights, blue gloves and blue cream makeup. Currently covering a pair of shoes and a mask with blue glitter, as well as fixing my corset to match.

My cold is finally gone...for the most part. Still having wedding ansgt...need to call this stupid place back home and talk to a pulse about scheduling the reception for next year. Also putting together my day of the dead radio show, some thing old and something new thrown into there. Need to see if I'm hitting the TMBG show at the end of the month...and need to see what's up with the day of the dead party that Heather and I were going to collaborate on.

Lots going on, as always. Slacked off on my dream experiment...bad me. At least sleep is happening.

My Slick Idiot fansite is finally getting visitors thanks to the lovely listing in google. Now let's hope that the official site will update soon so I can have some things to mention and keep the thing fresh.

Kinda perky for once...hmmmmm. Must be fall setting in and the promise of fun stuff on the horizon.


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