Thursday, November 21, 2002

Today in acting class I was more than vaguely uncomfortable. First comes the realization of just how much older I am than just everyone else in there. I'm surrounded by freshman. One of them just turned 19 today. I'll be 27 in less than 4 months. gee, it is really any wonder I feel out of place? Besides the fact that I'm not in there to be an actor and I'm basically just filling a requirement by taking that class. So, then we're doing this exercise and the theme of "otherness" is chosen, and we have to do all these poses and yadda yadda.

Oh gee, I don't feel the least bit uncomfortable being the only "goth" in here, being older on top of it, and general feeling tired and antisocial amongst all the other little balls of freshman energy who all seem to know each other.

I've always been painfully aware of my differences, and that I don't fit in easily. This class was no exception. I think I may however be more acutely aware of what otherness is more than anyone in there, drama freaks or not.


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