Monday, November 18, 2002

Well, my teachers are very impressed with my costume renderings and they aren't even done. I'm finally starting to feel like the 4 years at CCAD could have paid off. Of course, I taught myself the marker skills. And it has taken years of refining after graduation to get my figures looking right, but the previous schooling is definitely going to be a plus for me.

On a crappier note, I smacked the top of my kneecap on one of the stupid chairs in class. Apparently I smacked it hard enough to make climbing stairs very uncomfortable, and bending my knee a challenge. :( I hope I can still manage my exercises. Walking isn't great, but it's better than climbing. I could really use some ice.

OW!!! Bending my knee to keep it moving...the longer I sit the worse it gets. Taking my mind off my back though. Tell me that's not screwed up.

now wincing to: Mesh/The Point at Which it Falls Apart


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