Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Gad... it's only tuesday. Today was decent I guess...scoped out some mp3s I can put on my show next time around. Did my monologue for acting class, full of nice happy rage. I think I scared some people. :) Yay. Have to finish my silly greeks for tomorrow...been working on costume renderings for Medea for what seems like months. Last step is to find some fabric swatches. Blah.

Dishes are piling up again though....maybe I'll get to them tonight. who knows. Probably not. Trying to come up with a sketch for a top to make out of some fabric scraps I dug up while looking for swatches at home. Want to make a skirt to go with it. Maybe I'll be doing that over thanksgiving break. Back is bothering me less today, but it hurts when it does. Trying to ignore it more so maybe it will relax.

Yar. Guess we're going to see TMBG in a couple weeks. I must bring my props...skulls and inflatable eyeballs.

Currently listening to: Electrocity Comp.


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