Monday, November 18, 2002

I just noticed some of those test pics aren't showing up. Bah. Fix them later. My radio show is up. Finally. Had an ok weekend, at least half of it anyway. Never did go to exit. I really need to just suck it up even if I'm tired and just go...the exercise would do me good. Got some CD racks from heather and Steve and reorganized our collection. Did some shopping and spent sat. night at brew and view watching silly movies and drinking ice cold weasel urine.

The ladies room has these cherub chunks embedded into the's the most terrifying attempt at pseudo decoration I've ever seen. I mean CHUNKS. Random heads, wings, backs, cherub appendages...all over. I'm sure if you're sober it's just as bad. I think they should go ahead and add some bloodstains to just complete the picture.

Sunday sucked. was totally unmotivated, and came down with a bad case of sad. Just sad. Didn't make it to the show....wasn't in the mood to be around people and it looked like the ticket price was going to be $25 instead of $18 after I checked the venue website...i need to save money. So thusly, no show. Spent the entire day in my pajamas. And on the heating pad. And smearing myself with icy hot. My shoulder is driving me nuts. My muscles are so tensed up that they are pinching a nerve....a couple of my fingers tingle occasionally, and it hurts almost all the time. Been trying to stretch to relax it.

ugh. time for class.


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