Monday, June 18, 2007

Dear Fedex,
To say that I am disappointed with your service would be a blatant understatement. The words vexed, annoyed and inflamed would be more appropriate. I don't use your service very often, which of course will make losing a customer like me matter even less to you, but I have needed to use it every few months to send important documents and the occasional gift to my parents who have retired outside of this country. I have been subjected to your lack of service at two different fedex-kinkos locations. The first incident involved the driver not putting through my credit card payment when they were the one responsible, as I had dropped off the package right at the pickup time. This caused confusion later when I recieved letters that I had not paid. It was not me who had failed to pay, it was one of your employees who had failed to complete their task. The second violation had occurred a couple weekes ago, when I was attempting to send documents my parents need for verification to Mexico so they can continue to live there. We dropped off the package at a fedex kinkos later in the evening. It was estimated to arrive in Mexico last Friday and never got there. My parents, my husband and I have spent countless hours explaining this situation to various associates at your company, who, while they have been pretending to do something about the situation, have mostly been giving us the runaround. The conclusion they keep coming to is that the package NEVER LEFT THE STORE. I also, once again, have not been billed, (thankfully, as I as don't like to pay for frustration) which furthers the theory that your employees are not doing their assigned jobs - which is to DELIVER PACKAGES IN A TIMELY MANNER. I'm assuming that your employees are perfectly capable of lifting a .15LB envelope, so I can not assume that lack of strength had anything to do with this dearth of concern for customer service. I myself could have likely walked to Mexico myself and hand delivered the documents, thus skirting the issue of your company's incompetence and getting some exercise while doing so instead of sitting on a phone for hours being fed incomplete or misleading information. Since I'm gathering that your bureacracy will be too busy tangling itself in its own mess to either rectify this situation or acknowledge my email, we are going to take our business to your competitors instead, such as DHL. Because, if their ads are to be believed, they actually DELIVER PACKAGES. This incident has taught me much about your company- that your employees are not trained properly,that you have to restructure some portions of the delivery process, and that you have little protocol for correcting a situation as small as mine. I shudder to think what your larger customers have to deal with. If it is not already apparent to you, the above mentioned events are very, very bad business. I'm assuming that you at least care about your revenue, since your customers are of little priority. I will not recommend Fedex to anyone who actually wants a job done. Have a nice Day. :)


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