Thursday, November 14, 2002

Can we please end this week? Yesterday was maddening with two classes, work, 3 fittings, and meeting preparations. Today is more quiet, just one class and one last fitting, but I'd give anything to just go home and take a nap. It's cold in always. The steam heat radiator behind me is hissing, but nothing is getting warm yet.

I wrote out a CD review for tanzwut...and posted it but I still have to finish my damn radio show. The day of the dead show had been up for way too long. Should take care of that tonight and putting up some other crap on Crucial Agony's page. Planning on doing a review and maybe getting some pics from the upcoming A23/Decoded Feedback...etc etc show (4 other bands or some such whose names I don't recall currently) $18 for a wad of bands is a good deal been a while since I was able to make it to a decent show. I missed Haujobb and Hocico - I like Hocico...Haujobb is ok. Mike and I were both ill and weren't about to leave the couch.

Good thing I went home sick on tuesday...I 'm not sure I would have made it through the rest of the week. Tired tired tired.

Ah...I smell furnace!!! That usually means heat! AHHHH!!! warm air!!!!! GOOD GOD!!!!
No really, it's so damn cold in here. This is a miracle.

now toasting my toes to: Remix Wars Front Line VS Die Krupps


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