Friday, November 08, 2002

YAY!!!! I got my tanzwut CD!!!! HAPPEEEEEEEE! Angry Germans with guitars and bagpipes...I want to hug all of them!!! But my back still hurts, so the heating pad is till my friend. ONly one more real night of sleeping on the floor though, as helping with the move tomorrow will procure us a boingier sleep surface.

Did some dishes last appears that there is a sink underneath where the dishes were. There is still a garment cyclone in the bedroom though. That probably won't get taken care of until sunday. I hope to finish my radio show and get it up by the end of the weekend. Almost the entire thing is from the "new" discs we picked up. Since I don't have time to scout for new MP3s right now, it's just as well.

Still too damn many loose ends to tie up, chores, homework and otherwise.

I've been butt-tired for going on 2 full weeks now. I'm wondering if it is really going to let up. Who knows. As long as I can get some sleep and stay on my exercise program, things should be ok. My biceps are getting huge!!! Well, looking at the noodles that are growing out of my torso, they are HUGE! And while I will probably never have washboard abs, I nonetheless am aware of their existence now! Exercise that yields results is a nice thing,and keeps wishy washy peeps like me on the regiment.

Well, I should finish eating and try to stay awake through the post food stupor.

still achieving consciousness to: Cyberaktif/ Tenebrae Vision


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