Wednesday, November 06, 2002

ahhh. coffee. Apparently, I amm catching onto the idea of being fueled with it on occasion. I spent the morning bouncing and twitching and talking at chipmunk speed. Picked out the last of the costumes for the show for Laura to look at, did ok in classes. People like my renderings. YAY!

need to take the leftover fallout energy and get my ass back onto my exercise routine...well, and the rest of my body is welcome too. Especially since I am going to be eating large amounts of steak this evening. MEEEEEEat.

Just dinner and movie tonight hopefully...need some relaxing. The place is getting picked up slowly. We'll be bringing home the rest of the decorations tonight, so we need to get those put away. After helping Heather and Steve move this weekend, we'll actually have a box spring for the mattress, as well as a much needed CD rack and some other things since we are taking their cast-offs.

I WANT MY TANZWUT CD!!!! I need burly germans with guitars and bagpipes singing to me. Sigh.

currently awaiting the end of my day with: This Is Industrial CD#3


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