Friday, November 01, 2002

Someone put me to sleep. pleez. Oh god it was cold this morning...and I was not happy when the alarm went off. It took a good five to eight minutes of whining and rolling around in the covers before clocks were made to cease their obnoxious song. My brain feels like it's been stuffed with that fuzzy pink insulation...stuff. I have next to nothing to eat for lunch today - and all I can think about is a nice warm bowl of soup. How about a vat of soup...that way I can stick my toes in it.

My face was numb by the time the train came. I am not ready for winter yet. It's still fall for god's sake. I'm burnt out. Our apartment is trashed...there's an explosion of material, art supplies, clothing and dirty dishes sprawling in every room. I still have to make part of mike's costume, and finish mine. I finished icing the marzipan eyeballs, decorating the skeleton cake and painting the paper mache skulls last night. So, for the party on saturday my costume still remains, as well as a batch of salsa to be made and perhaps a corpse made out of meat loaf. I will be so happy when the week is over. I'm exhausted.

Have to pick out costumes for the show today...hopefully I'll be able to find everything I need. sigh.

Too damn tired to be spooky.


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