Thursday, December 19, 2002

I am walking around in a complete haze. Woke up late...the alarm didn't go off. So groggy that I could be considered drunk. Could easily pass out and fall asleep for a while. Playing Chemlab to keep awake. Saw the two towers movie last night. Was very good...I'm not as much of a fantasy geek as some of my other friends - I don't read the books, but I really got sucked into the whole thing. I decided I want my very own ent for christmas. They were so cute in the movie - yeah, ok, they are the 14 foot, bark covered kind of cute, but I love their craggy faces and little yellow eyes and they way they lope around. Talk about wanting to hug a tree.

I remember seeing artwork if them when I was little...i remember being fascinated and vaguely scared of them. I know it's not likely that they will market plush Ents, but I'd buy one in a second if they did. So cute. Maybe it's just the muppet syndrome - grow up with the muppets and think that any object, inanimate or vegetable is cute when it has a face and can talk.

I'll probably have to settle for a Corvus Corax CD for christmas instead...which is not so bad.
but it would be cool to have my own ent to climb and ride on, and he could herd all the trees on the tree lawn. sigh.

Damn I'm tired, and frankly I don't want to do shit. It's been homework, school and work for weeks now with no break...and pile chores on top of that. I haven't had a chance to really just be a lazy ass and just do nothing or something recreational for myself - and I'm not talking social engagements. We've had a lot of those too...after a while it gets to be just as exhausting as work. I'd kill to just go to sleep, wake up whenever my body decides to, eat breakfast (oooh, a rarity), do my exercises (haven't been doing them for the last couple weeks, no time), and then work on my sewing projects, or web stuff and then take a nap. Or go walk around in the plant conservatory. or just crash on the couch and watch movies.

i've still got this bag of chocolate in front of me. It's life span is decreasing by the second.
I refuse to drink coffee today - no one deserves to have to deal with me on caffeine right now.

bumbling around to: Chemlab/Burnout at the Hydrogen Bar - Suicide Jag


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