Thursday, December 05, 2002

Chocolate mint coffee - one of the few reasons why being awake is even worth it.
Currently printing out recipes for bread pudding for a dinner get together this weekend. I'd love to reinact the glory that was bread pudding on our new orleans trip, but not knowing the precise recipe and being in Chicago as opposed to there is quite a drawback.

Nonetheless I've found some tasty versions, including chocolate, butterscotch, and one with a whiskey sauce. Ummy. Set strike is today - which means I have to lug all those clothes back to the costume shop. I best be getting help from someone cuz i had enough trouble getting them all to the building when there wasn't ice on the streets. I already have an offer to help with costumes for a one act next semester, but I need to figure out if I'm assistant designing or not for another show.

I'm getting geared up to sew some crud for myself, the first thing probably being this skirt based vaguely off a bellydance-ish kinda design; a thick waistband that comes down in two points amde of shiny silvery denim, trimmed with heavy black fringe. The overskirt...hmmm. maybe black chiffon, or maybe that black polyester. Whatever I decide, it has to move nicely when I dance. I'd like to top that off with a velvety black top edged in this weird gray meshy stuff that I have big scraps of.

Perhaps I should start on the pattern....

I have to do my monologue for acting class today. Although i really hadn't done much to try and memorize it up until recently, I am actually much better at memorizing than I realized. If I just sit there on the train and make myself remember, I can get the whole way through it no problem.

Blah...busy busy busy. dishes piling up again, and laundry. Need to talk over health insurance plans with mike tonight. and I need to get my radio show finished and uploaded. Need to take pictures of all that resale stuff I've picked up for my DIY pages...too many unfinished projects.

currently pondering to: Chainsuck/Kindly Stop For Me


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