Saturday, November 30, 2002

So it's the weekend, yet I have to go to school for around 4 hours today, and most of the day tomorrow. So much for my thanksgiving break. I was aware that i would be doing this when I took on the job as costume designer, i just thought i'd be spending a handfull of hours each day....I still have my evenings and i don't have to be there until 10 (on sunday)...but all the same it's like half my vacation is missing.

I got to mending some things, but who knows if i'll get to sew. I slept lousy again, although my back was complaining less. I woke up very depressed and unmotivated though. I'll probably be doing my exercises later tonight to keep up my energy so i don't just fall asleep when I get home.

Blah. it's like the weekend is over. And while I know I'll be done with the show after this weekend, it doesn't help much. I needed the rest NOW, not later.

Yesterday was fun at least, had some awesome crepes and got to bang on things. Played with piggies earlier in the day, made some pies, did some sewing.

Now I've just got this fucking cloud hanging over me again. At least Mike is going to try to come home early on sunday night so I can actually see him. If i'm lucky, I might be home when he gets there.

It's probably I good thing I didn't go dancing last sleep patterns are screwy and I was flopping around a lot again. when I did sleep, I dreamt about thhe silly play and banging on drums.

At the moment i'm downloading some stuff for my radio show for next time. Hopefully this week i can get it put up..It's overdue.


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