Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Tuesday. Second worst day to Thursday....
Almost caught up with chores though, still need to mop, shop and do dishes. I hope to have some time to draft patterns for the stuff I wanted to sew.

The weekend was insane. birthday dinners, hostage situations, sleeping on friends floors - and failing. napping til 2, chocolate bread pudding, clubbing, They Might Be Giants shows, homework, chores...too much. The end of the semester is kicking my ass in at least 17 different ways.

I'm looking forward to a more quiet, vaguely uneventful weekend so I can get some stuff done. Romell sent me a nice package though, Cryonica Tanz 2 which features him as well as Colony 5, Seabound, The Nine, Inertia, and lots of other good bands, as well as a small sample of his new stuff from the upcoming album which is going to be called Damaged. Very melodic and trancey. Lots of covers and remixes on the disc too. Also threw in a cute little japanese happy thingy with a flower on its butt. Now I can put some new Razed In Black on my radio show, which I really need to finish and put up before this week ends.

That package cheered me up a lot. I have hardly any money for christmas gifts this year, and since I fucked up and didn't get my time sheets in on time, I'm really broke. I'll be happy for the break though. God knows I need it now.

Need to get a hold of a physical therapist. Still have that "pinched nerve" feeling in my arm. Stupid neck muscles that won't relax. Stupid me that won't relax. It's rather impossible when every time I turn around there's some other project or issue to deal with. Cleared up one issue recently, so hopefully that will be less of a load on my mind. Not having to deal with work or school for over a week will help. Need to get going on my theatre history paper today: Noh theatre. I have such an infatuation for things asian. Seems far more interesting than the usual western history we always get thrown at us. Not that I dislike western history, mind you.

now listening to: Razed In Black cover of one of those Metallica songs


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