Thursday, December 12, 2002

brrrrrr. The heat is coming on though....i just wish they'd turn it on more than once a day. I actual advisor was in Milwaukee though! I registered with one of my other teahcers. Makeup II was FRICKIN CLOSED! I have to wait another year to try and take that class.
Taking costume construction 2 though, should be fun, and scene painting. Have an independent project designing for a show, and hopefully I'll have time to help jeanine with her show. Things are gonna be busy.

I really need to learn how to de-stress. Found some health insurance I can apply for, to get me on my way towards physical therapy. Hopefully they'll accept me. I am so uncomfortable. If my back isn't hurting, then my arm is, or its tingling. Or the tips of my fingers want to be numb. Nothing helps. Icy hot makes me smell like a big winto-green life saver and mike wants to chew on me to see if I spark in the dark. heating pads help some, but only for a while. I can't seem to relax long enough at school.

Blah. I've been thinking about that leftover vicodin in the medicine cabinet, but it's only a painkiller and I don't think it will really help that much. Didn't really do much for me when i had my wisdom teeth out. Percoset - that was some fun stuff. Yes siree. I think I still hurt, but I didn't care. Maybe I should get some of that "blue relief" stuff - but I think it's just more minty slime and then mike would think I'm some kind of candy cane. I don't want to be that festive.


I just want to go home and be all comfy under blankets, and not have to wake up to a blaringly happy snail and go out into the arctic winds and push past mobs of humanoids on the train just to get to work and surf for several hours.

I'm almost done with my radio show. I hope to get it up tonight and finish those damn dishes. We have to get things straightened with our landlord and the lady upstairs. Water is leaking through to our bathroom. The ceiling is cracking, bubbling, and vaguely fuzzy. That's fuzzy in a bad way.

Perhaps tonight when I go home, the heating pad will be my friend. I'll make some nice cocoa and dump some bailey's in there. I'll wear my pajama pants all night. I'll turn the heat up and climb under some blankets and watch That 70's show and go to bed.

This weekend, except for banging on things and making noise, and perhaps attending a jewish metal concert, I plan to sew some, and I have to get going on my finals. I have a paper to work on and some sketches to crank out. Maybe if I do those sketches at work tomorrow...that would help.

now listening to: absolutely nothing because i left all my music at home. :(


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