Tuesday, December 03, 2002

I certainly have been stressy and hostile lately. Little things pile up and cause problems. Everything is making me irate, school, snow, work, humans, etc. Although the play I was working on has been a valuable experience, I will think before I jump next time if a play's tech schedule falls during what should be a school vacation. It's not like there was much for me to do during tech...the lighting people and actors had more to do than I did. Didn't seem to justify the 8 hours I spent there on sunday when i needed rest. and then, at the last minute they wanted me to find fabric for curtains when the show was the next day - this at a point when the I wouldn't be able to get to the stores in time, and i had a full day of classes and work.

I'm doped up on coffee right now. yes...i said doped up. That's how caffeine works on me. i might as well shoot up some expresso. It's keeping me from killing people. however i feel like my head is swimming. I'm hungry...I should eat. I'm going to be here late to see the play. I really just want to go home, but I'm not going to get to see it any other way as the other shows are at really inconvenient times.

not stacking up a pile of bodies to: hate dept.


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