Friday, December 20, 2002

i'm too bored to even drool. I'm stuck here on the slowest day of the last day before break. I just finished the initial typing of my paper for theatre history. YAY! Wanting to go home and sew and work on patterns. I have at least three things i want to make - outside of my wedding dress. I have a bellydancing kinda skirt pattern designed. Still have to make the pattern for the stretch velvet/mesh top...and if there's enough scraps left, I'll make little armlets to go with.

I've also been pondering a frock coat of sorts...and I'm well on my way with the pattern. it's somewhere between the 1720's style frock coat and the coat that Snape wears in Harry Potter (i love that coat). Kinda full skirty, but not as full as the 1720's style, buttons down to the waist, two piece sleeves (if i can get them to work) melded with the strap/epaulet sleeve to draw attention to the shoulders, cuffs over the knuckles with an undercuff that's just a bit longer, and a high neck with and under-neck-piece. I have this shiny-denim, it's silver on one side, and the other is almost black but it is still shiny. That and some black material...that's my coat.

And...on the topic of coats, back to Snape. I was browsing for pictures of him to find nice details of his coat, epecially the neck, and i can across all these sites devoted to him. There must be hundreds of Snape-ophiles foaming at the mouth out there! pictures, fan fiction...good god! It's like he's the new gothic icon for girls to swoon over. Granted, Alan Rickman looks fucking wicked in that coat, he's got a great voice and the hair is cool too, so I can see the appeal for sure - but when i first saw him I thought....oh my god it's Trent Reznor when he gets old. Now I can't look at a picture of him without thinking of him saying "I am a pretty hate machine." I feel a new webpage coming on.... save me. Not a Snape Shrine as all the others are, but a parody or such, of course.

I think all these chicks really need to listen to more Nine Inch Nails....they are just as bad as the chicks who want to lick Trent Reznor.

Of course, ogling a character is safer to do...they can't really complain. Poor Alan, he'll never live this down, I'm sure. That said, I have yet to see the new Harry potter movie. I saw the last one on the same day i became deathly ill with some awful flu back in summer. I was so sick of hearing about the movie and the books...blah blah blah. I was refusing to see it. well, there I was, at a friends house, in a weakened condition and he's got the damn DVD. There was no escape. it was a fun movie. I still begrudgingly admit it. Mike just bought the VHS. And I watched the damn thing again. grrrr. So now I WANT to see the next movie.

I'd better avoid wearing the new coat if I get it done before the next movie, else all the little Snaplings mistake me for their new icon.

good god I am bored and hungry.


don't make me start another webpage...

now singlehandedly plotting the downfall of the internet to: some song on Club Bizarre disc 2


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