Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Today has been far more calm thanh yesterday. Granted, I feel like I could fall asleep at any given moment. Spent the day drawing...almost forgot to eat lunch. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy drawing. It's an amazing thing to be able to take a blank piece of paper and cover it with a layer of pencil...and have it look like a face or a scene or an animal, etc.

I get so absorbed in the's more relaxing than sewing (sewing makes me frustrated) and much more expressive. After yesterday's violent blog outburst I'm feeling much better. Dragging a bit, but far better.

A bit sad on the side though.....trying to puzzle out a lot of things. Drawing has brought be back to a part of myself that I'd left behind a long time ago. Kind of going through a re-identification phase. School approaches next month...I'm a little nervous. Have yet to really fit in there. Only been there for one quarter, and I'm wondering if I'm still going to be as excited about theatre as i was going in. I've had a lot to think about over this break I've had. Watching Mike going through his "quarter life crisis" Is making me re-evaluate just about everything. And if that's not enough, I've got wedding planning to think's only a year until the event.

I've got a lot on my mind needless to say. Only now is it beginning to drive me nuts. It seems that as I vent with webpages, I calm myself with art. I have 2 drawings going right now, and they should be done before the end of the week.

I find that I'm more than a little distracted at the moment.... ah well. Time to stop babbling I guess.


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