Sunday, September 15, 2002

I had a vaguely sushi related adventure last night, as a friend was having a birthday at a cute little sushi place.I for one, am not up to eating raw fish wrapped in seaweed though, so I had some tasty curry instead. The evening was fun, met some new people. We decided to be getting on our way however, when the japanese businessmen decided to start doing barbara steisand songs.

My back still hurts, so it's been nothing but heating pads for me, and at present I smell wintergreen fresh thanks to my new pal, icy hot. My calves are killing me too, but that was due to excessive dancing both at the club and my new exercise tapes. I'm taking a nice little break today so I don't wind up in a body cast.

Looks like today will be a continued day of chores..and we rented the first half of THE STAND to watch...Mike hasn't seen it. Why i feel the need to creep myself out by watching a movie full of severely dead people, I don't know. In the process of uploading my latest radio show, the old school new school one, and also putting together the show to follow, which will be an all cover show.

In a much perkier mood since the week ended. It was not a pretty week by any stretch of the imagination. Next weekend should be fun with Bill's Island party coming up...I'll finally get those DJ lessons. :)

Seems that M!k3 from Slick Idiot is selling off the keyboard controller that they used on tour on Ebay. The entire Slick Idiot live crew signed it, and from his description the thing still works. $50 is a bad price for it, but no one had bid yet, and while part of me is tempted, I am a poor college student and I should know better. Sigh. I'm not sure what I'd do with the thing if I did get it. Ah well. :(

I'm hungry and I crave seafood now...I almost wish I would eat sushi...sushi is very cute food. And me, I'm attracted to cute things. But I am thawing some fake crab meat and I will throw together something tasty for later.


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