Friday, September 13, 2002

I should not be awake this early, but my back was hurting to the point that I couldn't sleep. Stress like to settle into the muscles back there, and it hurt to even turn over. I finally gave up after piling pillows into a column I could sleep on and just got up instead.
At least I don't work today. Getting out of the house would do me some good, and so I have plans to hang out downtown a bit.

I hope to put up a few new episodes of gothic survivor soon...I've only just put up day 14. And, apparently there's already a fan fiction in existence involving my characters...and I'm not even done with the story yet!! Of course I'm flattered....and disturbed as the fiction also involves wrestling...and Ozzy and Danzig among other strange characters. Needless to say I'm gonna have to link it.

Still doing some drawing, did an insanely cute cartoon of the live members of slick idiot, have yet to put it on the website though. Maybe today, we'll see. I should exercise and shower and redo my hair before venturing out into the wild jungles of downtown. Anxious to put up the next radio show...not till this weekend though, or at least until some mp3's of a new friend's band go up so I can add them to my musical roster. And of course, there will be dancing this evening at Exit. Hopefully I won't injure myself like last week...especially with my back/neck troubles.

As far as the weekend, we're attending a sushi birthday party kinda thing for someone. I for one, have no inclination to eat raw dead sea creatures. I have tried the veggie sushi too, but I find the most unappealing part of the whole sushi deal is that fishy seaweed stuff. Just can't get past the taste. And I LIKE seafood too. Sushi sounds like it would be fun to eat, but...blech. That's why I'm sticking to some more normal menu fair, like anything that's been teriyaki-ed. I think I just made a new verb.....hmm. I believe there are 2 kinds of people, those who eat sushi and love it, and those who would rather eat cardboard toilet paper rolls. I am the latter.


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