Saturday, September 07, 2002

Argh. too much dancing. I was bad and skipped my exercise routine for a week, then I overdid it yesterday to compensate. After a night at Exit where I realized that I was butt-tired, the DJ started playing a really good set and I couldn't get off the floor. Now I'm lucky that I can stay on my feet. PAIN. ow. Well, at least if I'm going to be injured, I injured myself to some decent music. I'm surprised the DJ didn't have the OHGR disc though. :( I suppose I'll have to bring that one in next time.

I'm sitting here, trying to download a track from this polish electro band that someone sent me a link for and I am having no luck whatsoever. This is almost as bad as when seventh harmonic sent me a link and when I downloaded their track I couldn't play it because it was in mono and the rest of my radio show is in stereo. I was not about to re-record my whole show for one song. It's a shame really, I liked them.

Blah. It must be too early for me to think. Just feel weird inside...not sure what to do about it. Eh. I guess I should go elsewhere and figure out precisely where today is headed.


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