Tuesday, September 17, 2002

It's only tuesday, and already this week has gone on for too long. Work has been slow, so today I made some nifty little mood status buttons for my blog in photoshop. I looked around to see if there were any cute graphics that might suit me, but as always, I'm too much of a DIY kinda girl. And my moods aren't exactly the standard either...so voila. Cute little buttons. Today I'm antisocial. Isn't that nice.

One thing I've noticed about being antisocial, is when I do get lonely, I prefer to be around other people who are also antisocial. How 2 people can be antisocial together may seem puzzling, but it does happen. I've hardly been on IM at all...just feel like there's not much to talk about, and not really in the mood for talking. :P

Have more gothic survivor to put up...should get going with that. Need to start putting together the new radio show too for next time. Staying ahead in the game plan has been a big help. Not much else going on...just filling the time till school starts. Hope I meet some decent people this semester. I tend to be very quiet at school, and had started making friends very slowly. Didn't help that I dropped in in the middle of the year...everyone already knew everyone else. And, I tend to stand out in a crowd quite a bit, so...there's the element of freakishness to deal with.

Blah. It's like I'm assuming a holding pattern for the great unknown. Being in the midst of change is exciting, frustrating, and obnoxious.


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