Monday, September 16, 2002

Yesterday was an afternoon of video gaming and snacks. I don't really play video games, I watch because my hand eye coordination just isn't all that. I won't play games with Mike because I know I'll never win. So we invited a friend over and it was a day of pixels fighting each other. Oddly enough, the whole event got me in the mood enough to clean...that is sweeping, mopping, wiping...things I don't like to do so much these days. I also made two meals, as well as fresh salsa, jello, and peanut butter cookies. Mike said he's going to have to play video games more often. :P

This morning, however, I am tired and still achey. My back is getting better, but my calves are not ready for that new bellydancing tape just yet. And, it's off to my last week of work before school. Sigh.


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