Wednesday, September 18, 2002

I've spent the day making little flowers out of film and hot glue. My fingers hurt. It was a project for work, as there's this reception with food and stuff, so i was making nifty table decorations. I'm stuck here an hour later than I should be, because i have to wait for this lady to get here so i can let her in. Blah.

I guess it's good that i already did my exercises this morning, as coming home to do them when i get home won't give me enough time tonight. argh. just want to go home and be by myself for a bit. vaguely crabby. Kinda melancholy too. I think getting stuck inside a building all day does that to me...especially offices. Certainly not my natural environment.

Ick. Ick for this empty feeling I get. Stupid emptiness....go back under the couch where you belong.


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