Wednesday, September 18, 2002

On a gray day like this, you're really not motivated to get out of bed. (I had to get up however, because my back hurt) Having a pleasant dream the night before, even a tiny lingering slice of one can make at least part of the day least for me it does. Thusly, my mood is vaguely dreamy...even though I am still feeling quite antisocial.

I always pay close attention to my dreams, and over time I've come to learn a lot of my own symbolism. Reading dream symbol books is usually about as helpful as reading the general sun-sign horoscope to find out who you are. Which is not much at all. I know that some of my dreams are simply situations that incorporate snippets from real life and that is all they really are. Sometimes my dreams reinact situations that are causing me angst in the waking world, in an attempt to deal with them. Other times, I dream of things that I wish could happen, or I will get specific symbols/scenarios that have a tendency to repeat themselves.

My repeating themes are being at the house I grew up in, either living there or trying to run away from there. it doesn't matter where I live currently...I rarely ever dream of those places. I am trying to escape from people a lot, either running through suburban neighborhoods or flying into trees...flying usually works as no one else in my dreams seems able to fly. I am able to read in dreams, and have pulled several words from them which I later discovered were in other languages that I did not know, but had relevant meaning.

Dreams are an important source of inspiration and revelation for me. I don't believe that every dream is"just a dream". Much of the art that I do revolves around my nighttime adventures. And sometimes, dreams have been an escape from an otherwise stressful and sad waking existence.


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